All of them are usually chosen as references and this happens in any field of culture or science. Over the years, many personalities in this field have left us their knowlege, famous marketing quotes that inspire, communicate, inform. that today circulate with unusual spee and frequency thanks to social networks. You can find references to famous marketing quotes that even span centuries, from Benjamin Franklin to Steve Jobs or Chris Anderson, for example. What is also interesting is that these quotes do not have a common denominator, although they all make up the pillars of marketing knowlege for many generations.

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Here we show you 50 famous marketing quotes that delight social networks: “You can’t just ask your customers to tell you what they want and try to provide it. When you achieve it, they will be asking for something new” Steve Jobs , former CEO of Apple. “People share, read and interact more with content from people they know and Latvia Phone Number List trust” Malorie Luchich , Facebook spokesperson. “Word of mouth marketing has always been important. It’s more important today than ever because of the power of the internet” Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett , authors of Get Content Get Customers.

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The best advertising is the one made by satisfie customers”, Philip Kotler , considere the father of modern marketing. “Smartphones are reinventing the relationship between companies and their customers” Rich Miner, co-founder Database USA of Android Inc. “Always doing what customers want is a big mistake ” Michael E. Porter , Harvard academic. “Make the customer the hero of your story” Ann Handley, Content Director at MarketingPofs. “In the current era of marketing and Web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to its entire business. Marcus Sheridan , author of The Sales Lion blog. “The first piece of a social meia strategy is to start with a blog.  Chris Brogan, founder of New Marketing Labs.

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