Beauty youtubers with millions of followers and endless influence, even write books, launch their own cosmetics and sign million-dollar advertising contracts, couple with impressive income according to some well-known consultancies such as Outrigger Meia for example. MDirector-Email Marketing Tool Do you want to get new income by publishing content on your website and your social networks? More information Youtubers that earn the most in the Forbes lists: Youtubers have become so relevant in recent years that even Forbes magazine has decide to include.

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Them in its famous rankings of outstanding personalities , since the figures they reach are truly impressive, and I will end with a summary of this list. Number 1 1 – PewDiePie : Felix Kjellberg, a 25-year-old Sweish man, who records himself with his laptop’s webcam and has more than 42 million subscribers on his channel, tops the Jordan Phone Number List  with annual earnings of approximately $12 million. He deicates himself to something as simple as commenting on the latest video games in a humorous tone. Number 2 2 – Smosh : With 8.5 million dollars, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padillae continue on the list, who have been posting videos on various YouTube channels since.

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With a large dose of humor and performing crazy parodies. To date, they have even produce and starre in their own film: TSmosh, The Movie. Number 3 3 – Fine Brothers : Also with 8.5 million dollars, the brothers Benny and Rafi Fine, who Database USA also worke for the Nickelodeon channel, have had a successful channel since 2007 and even their own production company. Number 4 4 – Lindsey Stirling : With more than 7 million subscribers, and earnings in excess of 6 million dollars.  Californian Lindsey Stirling, 29, who is a violinist and dancer, has had a channel since 2007 where she publishes music videos. Number 5 5 – Rhett & Link : Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who have.

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