The video boom: In recent years, video has gaine strength, but now we are facing a true video boom in all its forms. Visual content is setting the trend , and in a short time it will be more important than SEO itself. Video Ads are consolidating, as users are increasingly hooke on this type of advertising, which is why the success of Snapchat , Vine , videos on Facebook, and even recently Instagram adde video to its platform. This great boost that video has had in recent years has focuse global interest in video in all aspects and areas, fostering a generation of what we know as Vloggers.

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Between Vloggers and Bloggers: The basic difference between. These two consistent content generators is that bloggers write blogs and vloggers record videos , which we have calle video blogs. For years and even today, many starte blogs and Ivory Coast Phone Number List the concept of a blogger emerge , someone who writes their personal opinion on a particular topic. Although blogs never go out of fashion , during the past decade, and due to the popularization of social networks.  The number of bloggers has decrease considerably. MDirector-Email Marketing Tool Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and your products thanks to a Content Marketing strategy.

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More information Vloggers: With the appearance and popularization. YouTube and other video platforms, vloggers arose , people with a video blog.  Who record their ideas and opinions on various topics on video. Some of these Database USA vloggers have already become real stars and their audience is counte in the millions of followers. Today, vloggers represent an exposure opportunity for the brands that hire them as their ambassadors more frequently. What is the difference between a Vlogger and a Youtuber? If we were to slightly define a video blog , we would say that: it is the same as a blog.  But in video, and a blog is a website that is frequently update and exposes various types of information.

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