If you’re trying to persuade someone to do something, or buy something, I think you should use their language, the language they think in ,” David Ogilvy , considere the father of modern advertising. “Your network is your filter.” Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams , authors of Wikinomics. Don Tapscott As you have seen, you can find famous marketing quotes of all kinds. Among all its authors there are, obviously, universally recognize names and others.  That are only know to specialists in some of the marketing niches.

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But after all, all the quotes contain their more or less extensive dose of wisdom on the subject. Some do not help to be better, others are focuse on teaching, and perhaps others did not have any pretense when they were said , but a great truth Macedonia Phone Number List can be drawn from each of them. Do you nee help to implement a successful digital marketing strategy ? At Antevenio we have an internal professional team that is responsible for managing your online display advertising campaigns in real time, programmatic buying and retargeting, email and SMS marketing, search engine marketing (Google, Bing), social networks (Facebook, Instagram.

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Twitter, Linkein and Snapchat) and video advertising. Antevenio is a company specialize in digital marketing founde in the distant 1997 that has more than 200 employees in 7 countries (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, USA, France and Italy):6 great examples of Brande Content campaigns (Content Marketing) marzo 10, 2016 Writing Database USA Influencer Marketing Did you like our article? 3.9/5 – (30 votes) Examples of Brande Content Traditional advertising is cracking. The world is changing and these changes are clearly affecting the way companies approach users. One of the solutions to blindness to banners or the increase in the use of ad-blockers. To bet on strategies base on useful content for potential customers.

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