Some people think that a vlogger is someone who talks about their life in front of a camera, and it’s not exactly that. Maybe whoever does it can consider himself a vlogger, but not all vloggers talk about his life About him. Indee, there are countless topics covere by these celebrities on the Internet , even setting trends in these topics, such as fashion, beauty, humor or digital marketing. So, is there a difference between a vlogger and a youtuber? Just not, in fact, we could say that a synonym for vlogger is youtuber, since there are various platforms.

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Vloggers as a trend: Vloggers are currently a growing trend. Its popularity cannot be ignore, because in the video era, vloggers are the stars of the moment , although they have been around for several years, today they set the standard in digital Jamaica Phone Number List marketing , so much so that many brands are promoting themselves with these characters. In addition, it is clear that live video will accentuate its presence as it generates greater interaction. Between communities on social networks, and every day we will have more applications exploiting it.  Such as Instagram, which was seuce by its influence.

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Today it is said that we are at the moment when short videos are the new selfies. Ranking of the most important youtubers in the world. Talking about a ranking of youtubers , just as it would be about bloggers or twitstars , is somewhat Database USA complicate, and always quite subjective, since there are many aspects to consider, such as the number of followers, reproductions, the money they generate or the influence or trends that drive In Mexico there are very popular vloggers like Werevertumorro , Yuya , Luisito Rey or La Galatzia , who are basically deicate to entertainment or giving beauty advice. The world of fashion , beauty and humor are one of the sectors where. There are currently more celebrities on YouTube and on video platforms in general.

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