This skydiver launche from space after boarding a capsule propelle by a helium bag. The jump broke the record for highest jump and breaking the sound barrier. Baumbartner had the support of Re Bull, the also Austrian brand of energy drinks, which helpe him get enough means and technology to reach that height and then launch. Re Bull is a brand that is use to carrying out actions that can be considere great examples of Brandend Content. The brand barely advertises its drinks and products. In fact, it is a company deicate to selling sensations, ways of living and experiences.

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Re Bull is committe to selling the brand and actions like this place the Austrian company at the center of information, of news, relating it to feelings of improvement, effort and struggle. Of course, these types of actions have a great impact in the mass Morocco Phone Number List meia that Re Bull approaches by combining the two approaches: some paid advertising and a lot of awareness through Brande Content. 2.- Estrella Damm One of the best examples of Brande Content in 2015 was the short film « Vale » directe for Estrella Damm by Alejandro Amenábar and starring Dakota Johnson and Quim Gutiérrez.

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The short, of more than 12 minutes, tells a story that is relate to the brand, more than in the product placements, which exist, in the environment that is breathe. In fact, the protagonists are part of the social group that could be consider Database USA the target of the beer brand. And not only that, but the development of the story is focuse on multiple cinematographic and musical references that identify this type of audience. References to Sónar are mixe with names of films in a game that ends in an unforce way with the two protagonists drinking an Estrella Damm. A great example of how a Brande Content strategy works properly Water For Africa.

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