A YouTube channel deicate to comey, rake in more than $4.5 million a year. Number 6 6 – KSI : The Englishman Olajide Olatunji, with more than 11 million followers on his YouTube channel and earnings in the order of 4.5 million dollars, publishes his comments on video games, and recently took advantage of that success to launch his musical career: the Lamborghini hip-hop theme was ranke 30th in the UK charts. Number 7 7 – Michelle Phan : An artistic makeup artist base in Boston, who earns more than 3 million dollars thanks to her YouTube channel.

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Where she offers tutorials for girls who want a look similar to that of the famous, or characters like Barbie. This youtuber also manages her own line of cosmetics. Number 8 8 – Lilly Singh : With 2.5 million earnings, Lilly Singh, an Kuwait Phone Number List immigrant from India to Canada, calls herself Superwoman on her channel, and is a stand-up comeian. She is also a singer and recently went on an international tour. Number 9 9 – Roman Atwood : The comeian Rowan Atwood who films and publishes his street jokes using hidden cameras, and also has an online sales business, receives earnings in the order of 2.5 million dollars. Number 10 10 – Rosanna Pansino.

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Rosanna Pansino, who earns more than 2.5 million dollars a year thanks to her YouTube channel, is a 30-year-old self-taught chef, who publishes baking tutorial videos and has even recently publishe her cookbook. It is possible to achieve Database USA great income as a youtuber or vlogger , but there is no magic recipe as some gurus try to sell it, but the truth is that behind these celebrities, there is a mixture of a lot of discipline, work and deication, as well as talent, a lot of attitude and luck.50 famous quotes and phrases from Marketing Gurus marzo 11, 2016 Writing Marketing Digital Did you like our article votes. famous marketing quotes Wisdom is sometimes limite to a few words in the form of phrases that last over time and become famous marketing quotes or any other matter.

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