Joel Whitley. “Let’s not lose sight of the most important factors for success: commitment, passion to make a difference, vision to achieve change and courage to get things moving.” Larraine Matusak. “It’s all about trying things and seeing if they work.” Ray Bradbury. “In the new game of business, the winners are not the best but the ones who dominate the game.” Roberto Serra, specialize in business strategy. “To open new paths, you have to invent; to experience; grow, take risks, break the rules, make mistakes and have fun”. Mary Lou Cook , eucator and writer.

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Strategy, the sense of opportunity and the exact moment are the highest peaks of marketing. Everything else is just hills.” Al Ries, marketing professional and author. Al Ries “In some ways, the web is like your Hollywood agent: it speaks for you Luxembourg Phone Number List as long as you can’t comment” Chris Brogan and Julien Smith , authors of Trust Agents. “Marketing is a cocktail of imagination, illusion, innovation, identification of nees, loyalty and measurement under a globalize, open and constantly update look”, Héctor Baragaño, ESIC Marketing Director. “Make a customer, not a sale”, Katherine Barchetti, sales and customer service expert.

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Never walk the path drawn, for it will only lead you to where the others went” Graham Bell. «Create your own style guide. That is unique and identifiable by others.» Orson Welles. “The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer Database USA so well that the product or service fits him like a glove and can sell itself”, Peter Drucker, famous management philosopher. “Poor companies ignore their competitors; ordinary companies copy from their competitors; Winning companies lead the way for their competitors” Philip Kotler , considere the father of modern marketing. “Marketing is learne in a day. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master”, Philip Kolter , considere the father of modern marketing.

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